Please see a list of frequently asked questions and answers below.

Booking the J-1 Insurance

How long in advance of my trip do I have to book the insurance?

The insurance must be purchased and paid for well in advance, only after doing so can the appropriate insurance documents be issued. We recommend purchasing the appropriate plan for your stay at least one week prior to your travels to guarantee a successful booking process. Please note, it is not possible to issue insurance documents retroactively.

Can I extend my insurance coverage timeframe while abroad if I decide to extend my stay?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact us and request an extension at least one week prior to the expiration date of your current plan and let us know the exact date that you will need coverage through. We will then send you an invoice for the additional days. Once we receive full payment we will issue the updated insurance documents with the correct dates. Since the insurance cannot be extended retroactively, please make sure to contact us enough time in advance of the expiration date. Please also note that the maximum coverage cannot exceed 730 days in total.

Will I be refunded for the unused insured days if I decide to leave the U.S. earlier than planned?

Yes. Due to the fact that the insurance is paid on a daily basis, coverage can be terminated at any given point. Generally, a refund is possible as long as you contact us far enough in advance prior to leaving the U.S. that you wish you terminate your insurance plan. We advice that you contact us immediately as soon as you’ve decided to shorten your stay in the U.S. to avoid any issues. Please keep in mind that retroactive termination and refund won’t be possible.

What language are insurance documents issued in?

All official insurance documents are issued only in English.

Seeking treatment

What should I do if I need medical treatment while in the U.S.?

When seeking medical assistance, first, you must determine if your condition is an emergency or non-emergency. In case of an emergency, you can call 911 and request an ambulance, or go directly to the emergency room. In case of a non-emergency incident, please visit a local doctor / physician or walk-in clinic. We advice to call ahead and schedule an appointment prior to visiting a doctor’s office. You will have access to a doctor’s locator tool via the insurance’s student zone after purchasing the insurance.

I have a chronic disease and will regularly need medical attention during my stay in the U.S. Will any of the insurance plans cover that?

Since the insurance is categorized as a temporary travel insurance, pre-existing conditions are not covered under this policy. Routine check-ups or any other doctor’s visit that are not due to a sudden illness or accident won’t be refunded either.

Do I have to pay upfront when visiting a local doctor’s office, or will they bill the insurance company directly?

If you visit a doctor from the insurance company network, he can usually bill the insurance directly, therefore pre-payment is typically not necessary. When visiting any other doctor, it is normal that you have to prepay and then file a claim with the insurance to get refunded.

How do i get reimbursed for my medical expenses, or outstanding bills?

You must provided all paid bills, receipts, or affiliated documentation for doctor visits, and prescription medications along with the filled out claims form for the incident online directly to the insurance provider. You can find the claim form and more detailed information online in the student zone after purchasing the insurance. All refunds are up to the company’s discretion.