If you need to seek medical treatment, please be sure to seek care appropriately for the condition/situation that you are experiencing. Choosing the correct medical provider will make your experience much better, and it will make the billing and payment process much smoother. Here are some guidelines for choosing appropriate medical care.

Non-Emergency Care

When you need to seek non-emergency care, please visit a local doctor, urgent care treatment center or walk-in medical clinic, as they will be best placed to assist you and the cost will be reasonable. Use of the hospital emergency room for non-emergency care is not appropriate in the USA. To locate a provider, use the online search tool described below or call the insurance provider for appropriate in-network providers in your area. Examples of non-emergency care include cold, flu, minor injuries and sickness.

Emergency Care

If you need to seek emergency care, please go to the nearest hospital emergency room or call the emergency services (911 in the USA) for immediate assistance. Provide them with your insurance information at the time of treatment. Examples of emergency care include serious accidents or sickness, and any condition that requires an ambulance. As with anything, we ask you to use your judgment with a situation. If you feel you need immediate emergency attention, please do not delay and go straight to the Emergency Room. However if you are unsure, or your condition is not severe, then either call the emergency services for assistance or visit a local doctor, urgent care center or walk-in clinic in your area. Please Note – an additional $250 deductible will apply for use of the emergency room for an Illness and not admitted. Use of the emergency room for an Injury will not be subject to the deductible.

ID Card

It is extremely important that you carry your insurance ID card with you at all times as this will identify to the provider treating you who your insurance is with. Your ID card will be given to you before you travel and should be kept with you at all times.


Whether inside or outside the USA you have the freedom of choice to visit any provider you wish, however you are strongly encouraged to visit medical providers who are part of the insurance plan network. This will allow direct billing and can remove the need for you to pay up front for medical expenses. Inside the USA, you can search for a network providers online and either call for an appointment or for urgent care clinics, just walk up for treatment. Outside the USA, you can still search for providers online or find the nearest provider to you, seek treatment and pay for those expenses up front. You can then claim these back at a later time. Providers can be located online by visiting our homepage.


The insurance must be contacted prior to: (1) hospital admissions worldwide; (2) inpatient or outpatient surgeries worldwide; (3) emergency evacuation/ repatriation; (4) emergency medical reunion; (5) trip interruption; and (6) return of mortal remains. For Emergency admissions and situations, the insurance must be contacted within 48 hours, or as soon as reasonably possible.

Student Zone

To learn more about your insurance plan, locate providers, view the full policy conditions, download claim forms and much more, you can visit the Student Zone online where you can obtain all this information after you have booked the insurance.


When seeking medical care please use the following guidelines to submit your claims to the insurance company:

Inside the USA – If you sought treatment from an in-network provider, and provided your insurance ID card at the time of treatment, they should be able to bill the insurance directly with no payment up front.
If you have received any medical bills after treatment or paid for any services up front to a provider, please complete a claim form and email these documents to the claims email for processing.
Outside the USA – When outside the USA, please seek treatment from a provider that is nearest to you, pay for the services upfront and then submit a claim for reimbursement.
Prescription Medications – Any medications that you have been prescribed will need to be paid for at the time of purchase and added to any claims you are submitting.

Claim Forms

You can download a copy of the claim form from the student zone and submit it with your receipts to the insurance company. For faster processing, we recommend scanning and emailing claim forms and other claim documents.

Claims Update

MyPlan in your Student Zone will allow you to login and view all your claims activity and contact the claims team directly with any questions. You can also email our team directly for an update on any claims that have been submitted.